Going away this Christmas? What to do before you go


Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get away, relax, visit family and enjoy a well-deserved break. Unfortunately though, with so many unoccupied homes, it’s also the perfect opportunity for thieves to break into them.

Don’t worry though. For peace of mind while you are away, there are ways to help secure your home before you head off on your holiday. Apart from ensuring your house is completely locked up and secure, there are a few other things you may not have thought of. Let’s find out what they are.


Don’t let the garden grow this Christmas

Not surprisingly, thieves love privacy. So, ensure there is a clear view between the street and your home.

Trim back any foliage, overgrown shrubs or bushes that might give them some cover and mow the lawn just before you go. Don’t forget to hide any gardening tools when you’re finished (these can be used to break in!)


Play pretend this Christmas

Just because you’re not home, doesn’t mean it can’t look like you are.

Whether it’s leaving a light on, a radio on, or some shoes by the front door, someone is less likely to break in if they’re in doubt as to whether or not you’re home.

Worried about power? Smart globes can be turned on and off remotely from an app on your phone or you can purchase timers to set for certain appliances to turn on and off at specific times.


Phone a friend this Christmas

Have a friend staying behind? Ask them to pop over every few days to pick up the mail, take your bins out and bring them in and maybe even give your garden a water.

This helps your home look ‘lived in’.


Where are your keys this Christmas?

Have a spare key ‘well-hidden’ in the front yard? You may want to take it with you for your trip.

Rest assured, experienced thieves know where all the hiding places are.


Give you and your family peace of mind this Christmas season with these home security tips.

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