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Funeral Directors have a difficult job even under the best of circumstances. Working with people who are experiencing painful and traumatic loss requires a unique skill set and personality. Additionally, Funeral Directors need an eye for detail to meet family members’ needs and carry out specific directives.

Why Would a Funeral Director Need Special Insurance?

Funeral Directors’ Insurance is a specific type of indemnity insurance. This cover will protect you from any claims that the family of a deceased person might lodge against you.

Is Professional Indemnity Insurance for Accountants, Counselors, or Other Professionals That Give Advice for a Living

It is true that these professionals need professional indemnity cover. However, there are dozens of occupations that benefit from having professional liability insurance. Funeral Directors are among those who would do well to purchase a professional liability insurance policy.

Why Would a Funeral Director Need Special Insurance?

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What Kinds of Claims Might Occur Against a Funeral Director?

Given the job’s emotional nature, the number of points that can lead to litigation for a Funeral Director should not come as a surprise. Even though you take every precaution to do your job flawlessly, unexpected mishaps do occur.

What Kinds of Claims Might Occur Against a Funeral Director?

Here is a list of some potential reasons a lawsuit might come against a Funeral Director.

*Please Note* This list is not an exhaustive compilation but rather a sample of areas where problems occur.

  • Claims resulting from the loss or theft of the deceased personal items
  • Errors in performance of rituals that cause the deceased family or friends’ mental anguish
  • Improper handling of the deceased
  • Poor shipping of deceased from overseas
  • Improper embalming
  • Negligence in the cremation of the deceased
  • Incomplete or unacceptable preparation of the deceased
  • Failure to adhere to regulations or errors in the performance of duties that could bring about mental anguish claims
  • Lack of professional or ethical conduct at the funeral

What Other Cover Should a Funeral Director Consider?

Public liability insurance is a wise choice for Funeral Directors for several reasons.

  • A funeral home receives frequent visits from the public as well as florists, delivery people, and clergy. Public liability insurance will protect you if someone has an accident on your premises.
  • Suppose a Funeral Director or one of their employees is en route to pick up or transport a body and an accident occurs. In that case, public liability insurance will take care of damages to a third party.
  • Should a Funeral Director or an employee damage a third party’s property whilst picking up a body, public liability insurance will cover the damages.

If you believe you need Funeral Director’s Insurance or if you are not sure, you have the right amount of cover, feel free to contact the insurance experts at Grace Insurance. Our experienced staff can make sure you have the cover you need and put your mind at ease.

*Please Note* The material presented here is for informational use only. It does not constitute legally binding insurance advice and should not take the place of an individual consultation with an insurance professional.

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