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Make a claim anytime – 24 hours / 7 days a week

Call – +614 11234 878


To make an insurance claim, contact your local Grace Insurance Office by phone or email and we will work with you to lodge your claim as quickly as possible. When you make a claim you want it to be simple, easy and fast. You need to get in touch with us or the insurer and provide as much information as possible.

For Ease of Lodgement

Have the following information ready before contacting our claims team:

·         Policy Number and Insured’s Name

·         Loss Date

·         Loss Time

·         Loss Description (including cause and extent of damage)

·         Situation of Loss

·         GST Details (for example ABN & ITC %)

·         The contact details of anyone involved in an incident, including their name, current address, vehicle registration details, phone number and insurance details if known

·         Any letters, notices or court documents about the incident, and the incident report number for any claims in relation to theft or attempted theft, vandalism or a malicious act (the police will provide you with this number when you report the incident to them).

You can help the claims process by:

  • Taking photos of damage to your property
  • Keeping damaged property and items so insurer can inspect and assess the damage if required.
  • If possible, please attach proof of purchase, for each item being claimed e.g. receipt, invoice, bank/credit card statement, photo of the items, manual etc.


Loss Type Supporting Documents Required
Glass Breakage Replacement/Repair Quotes and/or invoices
Fusion/Motor Burnout Age of item. Original receipt if available/Replacement cost/Age of Item
Lost/Stolen Original receipts/Replacement Quote/Police Event Number for theft claims
Accidental Damage Damage Report/Photos/Replacement Quote

Alternatively, you may prefer to contact your insurance company directly and ‘telelodge’ or lodge your claim by phone. As a Grace Insurance client you choose which method is best for you.

Insurers’ telelodge contact details:


1300 858 649



1300 650 540


1300 880 037


132 480


9466 8600


9220 8222


9421 1190


1300 888 073

Please Note:

·         ZURICH, St George, Club Marine and Global Transport still require claim forms.

·         QBE can only be lodged by Grace Insurance . Please contact Grace Insurance to assistance with claims with these insurers.

Steps in making a claim run smoothly

Do not admit liability even if you were at fault. No matter what the circumstances.

Report the incident to us by telephone or e-mail if available within 24 hours of incident..

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