When your business is mining, you have numerous risks. The various segments of the mining industry carry unique risks that often require specialised insurance. So, you need to ensure your company has the proper insurance and amount of coverage. This also goes for civil construction projects in mine sites around WA, the liabilities that go with such high risk work need to be carefully considered.

By developing a risk management strategy, you can target the types of insurance you need so your business and staff are protected from injuries and other losses. Working with an experienced business insurance company, such as Grace Insurance, you can be sure you have the protection you need at a fair price.

What Mining & Construction Insurance We Offer

The mining & civil construction industries have numerous areas where the insurance cover and the insurance cost differ. Because each sector has its own specific risks, you should be wary of cover that is advertised as one-size-fits-all.

At Grace Insurance, we understand that your unique needs deserve solutions to fit. We provide numerous types of insurance cover that we customise for you. Our mining and civil insurance experts go the extra mile to ensure you are fully covered and your business is secure.

We offer a variety of types of insurance so that we can meet our client’s needs.

Types of Liability and Why You Need Mining Insurance

As your business grows, your responsibility to employees grows along with it. Making sure you have the right insurance for your employees is vital, just as ensuring you have the correct tools and equipment.
There are different types of insurance you should consider that will make sure your employees and company have the cover needed to feel safe on the job. Both are required in many circumstances.

Mining insurance is vital to take any guesswork out of your insurance cover. Many insurers will offer cover for surveyors, drilling engineers, project managers, and other professionals. Still, they may be disqualified for coverage if they are on a mine site due to the inherent dangers.

Securing civil and mine insurance will protect those entering the site and enhance the safety of your operation.