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So you worked your fingers to the bone, saved up every dollar you can lay your hands on to invest into your priced investment property.  Is just make sense to insure you’re investment property with the best possible wording just in case something should go wrong. Whether your property is damaged by tenants, destroyed by that dreaded fire or if you owed rent or are liable for medical bills, our range of landlord’s insurance policies are there to look after you.

Protection for all  property types

  • House
  • Townhouse
  • Flat
  • Unit
  • Terrace house
  • Retirement Unit

Your investment property may be far far away. No worries. Our claims team can organise emergency repairs for your property if you can’t get there yourself.

Whether you’ve bought a house, townhouse, unit, flat, terrace house or even a unit in a retirement village, we can cover you.

Accidental breakage of fixed glass, basins, sinks, baths and toilets included in loss or damage by a tenant or their visitors.

Paid in addition to the sum insured (Up to 10% of sum insured) This may differ between insurers

If your building is uninhabitable, up to 12 months, up to the sum insured chosen.

We will cover your buildings or contents for loss or damage caused by water or liquid.

For motors up to 15 years old and no bigger than 3.7kW (5hp) (May differ between insurers)

Cover for the weekly rental amount your tenants should have paid, up to $5,000. We will also cover you if your tenants or their visitors steal part of your building or any contents you have insured. Due to Covid-19, this type of cover is unavailable because of an embargo.

Deliberate or intentional acts, vandalism or a malicious act by your tenants or their visitors.

If your buildings suffer loss or damage we will cover the costs for architects, surveyors, and legal fees (up to 10 per cent of your buildings sum insured)

Choice of liability cover; $5 million, $10 million, $15 million, $20 million or $30 million (only certain underwriters).

Are you leaving any content in the property your are renting out, like a TV, couch, fridge, dishwasher or portable airconditioner? We can also assist in adding extra cover for rent default, loss of rent or liability insurance.

Most popular and comprehensive cover for your building insurance and content insurance.

Residential buildings

Protection for domestic outbuildings such as garages and sheds

Infrastructure for services

Swimming pools and spas


Curtains and Internal Blinds

Furniture and White Goods

If you have no content to insure you may select to insure your building cover only. This covers the property along with items attached to the property. Carpets and curtains are seen as content and should be insured under the content section.

Residential buildings

Protection for domestic outbuildings such as garages and sheds

Infrastructure for services

Swimming pools and spas (only built-in pools and spas)

X Carpets

X Curtains and Internal Blinds

X Furniture and White Goods

If your building is already insured by an owner’s corporation or strata, you may want to insure just the contents of the property. We’ll cover you for loss or damage to the items you’ve left for use by your tenants.

X Residential buildings

X Protection for domestic outbuildings such as garages and sheds

X Infrastructure for services

Swimming pools and spas (only non-built-in pools and spas)


Curtains and Internal Blinds

Furniture and White Goods

Simple Online Solution

If you’re looking for Public Liability Insurance,
we have a range of options available online for you to choose from.

Over 2000 occupations covered

Choice of $5 million, $10 million and $20 million.

Flexible payment options including pay by the month

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Landlords Insurance FAQs

You can call Grace Insurance on *041 1234 878 or look on our website.

If you are financing your most priced investment, your financial institution most probably have done an appraisal. They would advise the minimum cover required and would request to be noted as a interested party. If your property is paid of , we would recommend you review the replacement cost of the building (excluding land value).

It depends on what cover you selected. You can choose to take out Building & Contents, Building only or Contents only insurance and you can also add on extras like loss of rent and liability.

This is your pride and joy. Besides your main home, this may be one of your biggest investment in your life. Imagine it is all lost in a fire or  destroyed in a huge storm. Should you still owe money on the property, you will still be liable to pay the monthly instalments even if property is destroyed.

We would highly recommend you cover you exposure in case of a total loss.

Loss of rent is an optional extra benefit that can be selected.

 If you choose to add ‘loss of rent’, we will cover any loss of rental income that occurs following an event that makes the property uninhabitable.

Malicious damage is an optional extra benefit that can be selected.  Cover is in case your tenant vandalised or damaged your booth.

Take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss, damage or liability. Contact the police as soon as possible to report any theft or attempted theft, or damage caused by intentional acts, riots or vehicle impact. Take photo’s and call us as soon as possible to assist.