5 Home & Contents Insurance questions answered

So, you’ve recently had an accident in your home. Whether that accident be that your dog tore apart your lounge suite, your fridge is broken down, the bathroom flooded or your child smashed your tv screen, it’s important to check if you’re covered.

We answer 5 questions about Home and Contents Insurance – the answers may surprise you.

Will home insurance cover my broken tv screen?

If you’ve selected the option of Accidental Damage within your contents cover, then yes, you will be covered.

Will home insurance cover our mobile phones?

If your mobile phone is within your home, then it’ll be covered under your Contents policy if it’s been stolen or damaged by a fire.

Want your mobile phone to be covered outside the home? They can also be specified as part of general portable contents for protection when you’re not at home. Is your phone in the car or with you when traveling? Then this comes under your car and travel insurances.

Will home insurance cover roof repair?

This answer isn’t straight forward. Why? Because there are many causes to a damaged roof and the purpose of home insurance is to cover loss or damage due to an unexpected major event like fire or storm. 

If the damage or loss could have been prevented through maintenance of your home, then you may not be covered.

Will home insurance cover termite damage?

Unfortunately, home insurance will not cover damage caused by termites and other pests such as mice or other animals considered to be vermin. 

Why? Because insurance companies think termites are preventable, which means they consider it a maintenance issue.

Will home insurance cover my engagement ring?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You will be happy to learn that you can add peace of mind to your happiness with contents cover.

The home and contents policies that Grace Insurance manage, offer standard jewellery coverage at $10,000 per item. If you have any jewellery items costing more than this, such as your engagement ring, you can specify these items and opt to increase your required limit of coverage.

Did the answers surprise you? There are many more questions to be answered when it comes to home and contents insurance cover. Contact Grace Insurance in Joondalup, Perth for answers today.