Faith and church communities need insurance like any other operating entity in Australia. What you may not know, is what type of protection is needed, what areas and circumstances need to be insured and who can you trust to insure it.

Grace Insurance is your trusted Joondalup Insurance broker. You can turn to Grace Insurance in times of trouble, or better yet, protect your Church or Faith community before any unfortunate circumstances happen. Now that you know who you can trust, what areas and circumstances need to be insured? Read on to find out.

Faith Insurance

Faith Insurance

What Can Faith Insurance Protect Against?

  • Abuse

    Abuse within religious institutions is an example of why a Church or Faith community need insurance. Media reports of alleged cases of abuse has tarnished the image of some Faith organisations in Australia and throughout the world. Although many of these allegations involve incidents from the past, allegations of abuse can still occur in present times.

    The protection of your organisation’s integrity and reputation is vital. Undertaking preventative measures and understanding legal obligations and requirements before it’s needed, if it’s ever needed is a great way to kick-start the process.

    Grace Insurance in Perth can help your organisation with Faith Insurance, and assist in consolidating these protections.

  • Burglary, Theft and Vandalism

    The beauty of many Church and Faith organisations is their ‘open door policy’ to anyone and everyone seeking assistance. However, not every person has good intentions and the principle of ‘loving thy neighbour’ can make these places easy targets for criminal activities.

    Theft, burglary and vandalism occur to shop-fronts and institutions at any time – a Church or faith institution is no different.

    To start off, install security alarm systems such as an alarm and CCTV monitoring. Visible warning signs and physical barriers are also a good idea to reduce the risk of a ram raid. Reinforcing all outside access doors and keep regular upkeep of lock quality too.

    Criminals may also prey on vulnerable victims in Church parking lots. A Church or Faith community may be liable if there’s a lack of or no lights, cameras or other security measures to help people safely get to their cars or transport.

    An Insurance Broker can help you make well-informed decisions if this happens to your Church or Faith community, or better, help ensure that you are protected before it happens to you.

  • Protect your congregation

    Your congregation are the believers and come to you for a sense of belonging and in times of need. It makes sense that you want to protect them, and your Church if they are injured or in duress.

    Use ‘hassocks’ (kneelers) for people to kneel on when praying – Injuries related to falling such as back and knee problems can be minimised in utilising these devices.

    Not all spiritual counselors are qualified mental health professionals. If a person has been mentally or emotionally harmed by negligence and/or failure to refer from a pastoral counselor, they may be eligible for compensation.

    Likewise, the behavior of volunteers and staff is the responsibility of the Church or Faith community as their representatives. Harm caused by behavior of the volunteers such as physical, emotional or sexual is the responsibility of the Church.

    Protecting your congregation against misadventure or negligence can be achieved. Utilizing code of conducts and in-depth training inductions that focus on boundaries and risk management. If these preventative measures fail, it’s time for Faith Insurance.

  • Protect your staff and volunteers

    Staff and volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep a Church or Faith community open and flourishing. It makes sense that you want your staff, volunteers and organisation to be truly protected in the unfortunate instance of an accident.

    Any organisation or community that utilises human resources will have risks involved, and physical, emotional and mental well-being needs of everybody need to be valued.

    We’ll work with you in suggesting the best courses of action, harm minimisation and protection needed in the event of injury, duress or complaint.

What is Church Professional Indemnity Cover?

Did you know that Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance isn’t only for commercial businesses? Church bodies can, and have been, sued for breaches of duty of care for people in their care.

This is why your Church or Faith community should consider including Professional Indemnity insurance on top of Faith insurance.

PI cover is for professionals who provide services. It provides financial protection against claims made for loss caused by services, harm, covering legal costs and other damages associated with the claim.

Reduce your risk by conducting your work and the work of the Church’s/Faith community in highest quality and following risk management procedures.

A Church or Faith community can reduce their occupational risks by setting appropriate boundaries in conjunction with following and upholding best behaviour and conduct principles.

Reduce the risks by identifying and understanding the use of:

  • Intellectual property,
  • Copyright infringement,
  • Libel, slander and/or defamation, and
  • Using an individual/group as an example in a sermon without their permission.

Finding the right insurance for your Church or Faith Community

Faith insurance can be bundled into one easy, all-inclusive pack at Grace Insurance.

Our Faith Insurance Business Pack can cover:

  • Industrial Risk Insurance,
  • Management Liability Insurance,
  • General Public and Products Liability, and
  • Sexual abuse cover

Grace Insurance understand that places of worship are personal, and come with a range of different risks. Every faith or church insurance program we offer is developed around the requirements and risks that your organisation presents.

Specific to Australian Churches and Communities of Faith, the required insurance is far different from general insurance policies. Conscientious management and monitoring will ensure that the church, congregation and the wider community and property.

How Grace Insurance can help

Understanding the insurance needs of Church or Faith communities is a crucial operation to undertake. For allegations against clergy, protection of property, congregation, workers and volunteers, you need insurance that is worthwhile, and professionals you can trust.

You know faith, we know insurance. We can work together in outlining what we know, so you can focus on what’s important to you and your community.

We recognise how important your faith is to you. Have faith in us too, and contact Grace Insurance to get an obligation free quote on Australian Faith Insurance today.

Looking for a team of tech-savvy faith insurance consultants to help guide you toward the right plan?

That’s where we come in.

Located in Perth and Sydney, and Victoria servicing all of Australia, Grace Insurance is the region’s premier insurance resource, delivering top-notch solutions to help cover all aspects of your home and business or faith organisation. Contact us today to learn more about our faith insurance coverage and let’s connect!

Grace Insurance does not accept any liability arising out of any reliance on the information in this article. We urge you to consult your insurance broker for personal advice, as we only provided general advice.