Photo booth insurance, what you need to know.

Your Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Photo Booth business is highly successful with your booths being hired out for weddings, parties and other events every single weekend. How wonderful! You are undoubtedly so busy servicing these bookings that you don’t have time to think about anything else, right?

There is something else you need to be thinking about though, and that’s photo booth insurance.

We know what you’re thinking; “Why do I need insurance?”  Most photo booth operators/owners don’t think they needed it either. That is until they realise that they did!

How did photo booth owners realised they needed business insurance and who came to the rescue? Read below to find out.

Grace Insurance Photo Booth Insurance

Grace Insurance Photo Booth Insurance

How do business owners realise they needed insurance?

As a photo Booth business owner …

Photo booth operators came to the realisation that they needed insurance when the following questions came to mind:

  • Accidents happen, so don’t they want to be covered if there’s one in their photo booth?
  • If a customer injures themselves whilst using one of the photo booths, would the business owner be liable?
  • What would be photo booth owners responsibility if someone tripped and fell near one of their photo booths?
  • What if something happens to one of the photo booths during transit?
  • Would we have the funds to cover property replacement, medical costs and potential legal fees?

This is when they realise, they need insurance…


What type of insurance do photo booth businesses need?

Grace Insurance did some research and found that most companies probably needed to look into the following types of insurance cover but not limited to:



What is Public Liability Insurance?


It’s insurance that covers your business for things such as:


  • Loss or damage of someone’s property
  • Injury to others as a result of your service
  • First aid expenses at the time of the incident involving your photo booth
  • Legal costs incurred in the defence or settlement of a claim

For more information about what’s covered with Public Liability Insurance, click here

Business insurance covers many things from:


  • Electronic portable equipment for accidental loss or damage and theft
  • Water and fire damage
  • Burglary and accidental damage
  • Loss of profits as a result of business interruption
  • Commercial vehicle and the contents within them

You can find out more about Business Insurance here.


  • Trailer Insurance


It’s fairly likely that you transport your photo booths on a trailer, so it’s important that this is insured too.

Trailer Insurance will protect your photo booth trailers from theft and damages due to a traffic accident or when parked and unhinged.

Ever thought what would happen to your beautiful photo booth while in transit? Ever thought of transit insurance for your photo booth?

Contact us to find out more about insurance for your trailer.

How Grace Insurance help

With so many different types of insurance on the market, it is confusing to say the least. This is why we as professional insurance brokers for photo booth business owners help.

“Frans and the team at Grace Insurance were so incredibly helpful when it came to our insurances. Not only did they set us up with the right cover that we needed for our photo booth business, they made sure we understood our new insurance cover too.

Want some peace of mind too? Grace Insurance can help you the way they helped many other photo booth companies, by selecting the most suitable insurance options from a number of flexible policies.

Contact Grace Insurance in Joondalup, Wangara, Malaga, Ocean Reef, Whitfords, north of Perth, Sydney New South Wales to find out more about business insurance for photo booths today. Some Photo Booth companies that are using our services: