Running a business isn’t easy and it involves putting your finances at risk. Which is why it makes sense to manage this risk, reduce any uncertainty, increase your peace of mind and protect you and your business.

How do you do this? With a Business Insurance policy, of course.

Did you know that all Business Insurance policies are different? That’s right. With a variety of options and covers and it’s important to choose the right policy for your business.

Business Insurance cover options

So, what can you cover under a Business Insurance policy? Let’s take a look.

Public Liability

Public Liability is to protect your business against the financial risk of death, bodily injury or damage to your business property.

Find out more about Public Liability here.

Business Vehicles

Commercial Motor Insurance covers you for up to 20 vehicles, including: sedans, wagons, utes, 4WDs, goods-carrying vehicles up to 5 tonnes, trailers, agricultural, mobile and earth-moving equipment.

Find out more about Commercial Motor Insurance here.

Tools & Equipment

If your business relies on tools and equipment, then you need insurance to cover them in the event of them breaking down, getting lost or stolen.

Find out more about Trade Cover here.

Injury & Sickness

Injury and/or sickness can be covered with Personal Accident Cover.

Find out more here.

Business Building & Contents

Building and Contents covers your building, windows, contents and stock.

Find out more about Business Building and Contents here.

Business Protection

Help protect your business against the unexpected with Business Interruption cover.

It allows you to continue paying your expenses until your business is back up and running.

Find out more here or read a blog on the cover.

Manage risk, reduce any uncertainty, increase your peace of mind and protect you and your business with Business Insurance today. Call Grace Insurance in Joondalup to find out more.