Like many business owners, you may find your business insurance policies confusing. In fact, many business owners simply don’t even read their business insurance policies for this very reason – We don’t blame them!

So, this begs the question “What sections are available under your Business Insurance policy?”  Well, you could read the fine print within your PDF (and you probably should). But first, see if this blog answers some of your questions.

Business Insurance Sections of Cover

What you may not know, is that within a business insurance policy, there are multiple sections of cover.

The main sections are:


This covers damage to buildings and their contents caused by fire, accidental damage and even removal of debris.

Business interruption

This insurance covers the turnover lost from unexpected events such as business interruption. Why do you need it? So you can recover and rebuild without the extra stress of income loss.

Read more about business interruption in our recent blog.


Cover theft of business contents or stock or money with burglary cover.


Glass cover, covers breakage of internal and external glass and signs.


This covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage.

Employee Dishonesty

Unfortunately, dishonest employees do exist. But don’t worry, you can cover this risk with fraud or dishonesty cover.

Machinery Breakdown

With machinery breakdown cover you can cover damage to machinery and equipment caused by explosion and collapse.

Did you know that refrigerated or frozen goods may be covered too?

Electronic Equipment

This covers fire, theft, accidental damage, breakdown and business interruption cover for computers and electronic equipment. 

General Property

General Property cover is designed for property (excluding stock) which is moved around. So, this could include property such as tools or professional equipment.


So, what are you waiting for? Get to know your business insurance policy. Contact Grace Insurance in Perht’s northern suburbs for assistance today!