Are you or your employees going on a business trip anytime soon? You’ll need business travel insurance.

Why? Because travel insurance can protect your business from financial loss associated with situations such as overseas health emergencies, flight cancellations, lost or stolen baggage and more. Similar to personal travel insurance, it can cover your business for unanticipated travel costs if specific events happen. Not only does it cover your directors and employees, it covers spouses and dependants travelling with them too!

There’s a new travel insurance on the market though and it’s changed travel insurance as we know it, forever – TravelCard.


What is the TravelCard?  

TravelCard is real-time travel insurance that has you covered with hassle-free insurance if things don’t go to plan.

With TravelCard, there are no out-of-pocket expenses, mountains of paperwork, or waiting around to claim – Yep! You read right.


 Why is the TravelCard such a game changer?

TravelCard insurance has quite literally changed the game, creating a real-time debit card that pays insurance claims within minutes of you making them.

Unlike other travel insurance providers, instead of having to provide receipts upon your return, their first-of-its-kind travel card is linked to MasterCard, paying you out instantly when you’re stuck in the middle of an airport with a missing suitcase and need to buy a toothbrush, change of clothes or other essentials.

That’s not all…They also have 24/7 assistance, meaning you can call, claim and collect (in two minutes!) anytime – Really!


When business travel doesn’t go to plan, travel insurance is there to help cover out-of-pocket costs for your business and employees.  And now, you can have a TravelCard for extra assistance and peace of mind, making it even easier on your business.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

At Grace Insurance in Perth, we can help you sign up for a TravelCard insurance policy for your business, so you can see for yourself. Contact us and start planning your next business