Grace Insurance Supports Small Local Businesses with Flexible Small Business Insurance Products

We, at Grace Insurance love a good cup of coffee, brewed to perfection, served with a smile and a warm inviting aroma. We support small local businesses and one of the ways we show our support is by having an insurance product that looks after the interest of small business owners in the Hospitality area.

Our hospitality insurance offers a range of covers.

Small business insurance

Small business insurance

The insurance products that we have available for local small businesses in the hospitality industry are flexible and can be easily customised to meet the needs of your coffee shop.

What are the typical events that you may take out cover for?

You will have to consider your risk of the following:

– Property and fire – is there a possibility of damage to buildings, contents, stock, tools and equipment caused by fire, natural perils like storms, and/or malicious damage?

– Theft and burglary – may you suffer from a break-in and theft of business stock, contents and equipment?

– Public and products liability – there may be claims against your business for damage or injury caused to an individual or their property as a result of your work.

– Glass – if you have shop fronts, windows, glass shelving, display cabinets, sign writing and advertising signs, are there a possibility that these may break or be damaged?

– Money – is there a possibility that money could be stolen from our premises?

But wait, there is more! 

Yes, you have more cover options for your small business that you may want to consider as well.

Business Interruption

Have you thought what will happen if your business is closed or in the process of rebuilding following damage caused by an event that you are insured against? While your business is interrupted, you still have ongoing expenses.

General property

If you have to leave your main premises of work, and you take property with you or it is stored at a worksite away from your main premises, and it is lost, damaged, or stolen, do you have insurance that will cover that loss?

Machinery breakdown

Are you insured against the breakdown of the machinery that you need to run your business?

Fraud and dishonesty

We would like to think that all our employees will operate within our own high moral set of conduct, yet, it does happen that we suffer at the hand of fraudulent and dishonest employees who are intent on making improper financial gain.  Are you covered against such an occurrence?

Electronic equipment

Our computers, printers, phones and other electronic equipment is the lifeblood of our communications to our clients and suppliers.  What happens when this equipment ceases to function properly? This can be a very costly expense.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

If you have a motor vehicle that you use to operate your business, you should consider whether you want it insured.

Tax audit

Covers the cost of professional fees resulting from an audit or investigation which relates to you paying a tax.

Workers Compensations insurance

If you employ or engage anyone else to work for you, you need workers compensation insurance.

Are you interested in finding a flexible solution to your small business insurance needs?  Grace Insurance are available to answer your questions.  Call us on 0411 234 878 or contact us via our website.

Grace Insurance does not accept any liability arising out of any reliance on the information in this article. We urge you to consult your insurance broker for personal advise, as we only provided general advise.