Public Liability

Anyone who runs a business should get public liability insurance, especially if there is a risk of injuring people. Examples are construction businesses, small motels, and hair salons. But what exactly is public liability (PL) insurance, and why do you even need it? This blog post answers these questions, along with other information you require.

Having this insurance can cover legal and medical fees and compensation costs in case a customer files a claim. You get the protection necessary for yourself and your business. After all, claims can lead to serious financial repercussions. It is only right that you protect yourself if ever an unfortunate event takes place.

You’re probably wondering whether or not you should get PL insurance if you are self-employed. This post that you can find on our blog answers this question.

Public liability insurance is not compulsory in Australia, but it does not mean you should not buy it. This post gives you information about why you should still take out a policy even when it is not required by law.

901, 2020

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance if I’m Self Employed?

By | Public Liability| January 9th, 2020|

If I'm Self employed, do I really need public liability insurance? Public liability insurance might not be near the top of your list of things to consider as a small business owner, but it should be. Research shows that nearly 1.5 [...]

1812, 2019

Photo booth Insurance for business owners

By | Public Liability| December 18th, 2019|

Photo booth insurance, what you need to know. Your Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Photo Booth business is highly successful with your booths being hired out for weddings, parties and other events every single weekend. How wonderful! You are undoubtedly [...]

2905, 2019

What is the Legal Requirement for Public Liability Insurance?

By | Public Liability| May 29th, 2019|

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common types of insurance for businesses in Australia. It provides peace of mind for all kinds of businesses from professional to trade to retail and other types of small businesses. Broadly, public liability [...]

2405, 2019

Public Liability Insurance What Could Go Wrong if I Don’t Have the Right Cover?

By | Public Liability| May 24th, 2019|

If your business activities involve dealing with third parties, it's definitely worth investing in a comprehensive insurance package, such as Public Liability Insurance. Why? Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business against the financial risks of being found liable [...]

505, 2019

What is Public Liability Insurance?

By | Public Liability| May 5th, 2019|

If you run a business, it’s important to be aware of the types of insurance you may need to consider. There are many types of business insurance like Public Liability Insurance, with a myriad of purposes, definitions and benefits. Unless [...]

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